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My Inspiration for January 2020

31 Jan

This January exceeded my expectations by far, what lovely and inspirational weeks these have been. Because it’s cold and grey outside, I tried occupying myself with my hobbies and pursuits instead of wasting time pining for spring and flowers. I started the new year and the new decade with the biography of Dora Maar written by Alicia Dujovne Ortiz; it was a wonderful window into the glamorous and tortured life of this photographer and the muse of Picasso, then I read a romanticised biography of Michelangelo called “Agony and Ecstasy” written by Irving Stone. I am not even a fan of Michelangelo or Renaissance, but Stone beautifully brought the time period and the artist’s feelings to life. I read a few fantastic novels: Hunger by Knut Hamsun, The Hour of the Star by Clarice Lispector, and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark which tells a story of a few schoolgirls in Edinburgh in the 1930s and their wildly romantical, stubborn, idealistic and kind of crazy teacher, Miss Jean Brodie. It made me daydream of the time period and reminisce of my grammar school days. Everything can serve as a springboard for nostalgia. And I am also more than halfway through reading the autobiography of my Hero; Morrissey and it is so wonderfully written, so witty and amusing, so vibrant and sincere… I truly cannot understand why people don’t like him, I never thought sincerity or vegetarianism which he promotes could be a crime?

“She was a romantic, sentimental child, with a preference for solitude, few friends, and a propensity to be moved to tears when the roses in the garden bloomed, when she smelled the rags and soap the nuns used as they bent over their tasks, and when she stayed behind to experience the melancholy stillness of the empty classrooms.”
(Isabel Allende, The House of The Spirits)

John Corbet, Anne writing a letter in winter, 2020, pastel and watercolour. Found here.

Pic found here.

Pic found here.

By: Andrea | dr_difilippo

Lough Key Ireland, by Max Malloy

My Inspiration for January 2017

31 Jan

One more January has come to an end. And what an utterly dreamy January this was!

I was inspired by psychedelic and vibrant Art Nouveau paintings by Vittorio Zecchin, Claude Monet’s London scenes, Picasso’s guitars, film Sid and Nancy (1986) with Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious – it’s absolutely brilliant and I watched it two times. Then I was interested to know more about The Sex Pistols, so I watched a documentary about them called ‘Filth and the Fury‘ which was very interesting.

Regards literature, my years started with some really fantastic books: I’ve read No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai, White Nights by Dostoyevsky – a tale about a dreamer who meets with a girl few nights in a row, and a collection of stories by Ryunosuke Akutagawa; you’ll hear more about these things very soon! Naturally, I daydreamed about long, white Russian winters, then about mystic lakes, long haired maidens, old castles and Ophelia, and then about Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, and then about Madame Bovary’s loneliness in provincial town, whilst listening to Chopin. And now – my thoughts are in the East entirely. I’ve allowed myself to drift into daydreams, and my day to day existence was suddenly coloured in sweet and rosy shades.

I’ve discovered so much great music that it’s unbelievable; The Kinks, The Who’s album ‘Who’s Next’, Tin Soldier by Small Faces, a bit of Donovan, some songs by Tindersticks, which I’ve known before, have captivated me: Travel Light and Another Night In, and I listened to some old favourites such as The Velvet Underground, Manic Street Preachers, The Clash and 13th Floor Elevators. All in all, a real collage of inspirations for this month.

February, I have high hopes for you, please don’t disappoint me!

bridevictorian-style-model-flaunting-michal-negrins-intricate-jewelry-6far-from-the-madding-crowd-2015-dir-thomas-vinterbergtantallon-castle-scotland-castle-in-the-cloudslong-haired-girlVittorio Zecchin





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My Inspiration for January

31 Jan

This month I watched lots of films, and I can’t resist mentioning most of them because they were simply marvelous: The Fearlesss Vampire Killers (1967), A Taste of Honey (1961), Danish Girl (2015), While We’re Young (2014), Russian Ark (2002), The Toast (2010), Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013), The Trip (2010), and a documentary about Hermitage museum. Film Alan Partridge is so funny, I liked every bit of it. Here are a few quotes: ‘Get rid of her, Lynn, she’s a drunk and a racist! I’ll tolerate one, but not both‘, I think it would be a bit sexist to let all the women go out first. or What’s it like in there?Ah… scary, stressful, lots of shouting. – A bit like being married again.

I’ve read lots of books too but I’ve finished reading only Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and Shirley by Charlotte Bronte. Oh, and the next post I’ll publish will be about one of these paintings. Can you guess?

alice in wonderland mad hatter

1875. Jules Emile Santin - Reflections 1876. Mademoiselle de Lancey - Charles Auguste Émile Durand1873. The Railway by Edouard Manet1892-95. At the Moulin Rouge by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec1966. Sharon Tate - Dressed By Mary Quant (1966) 1911-19. Marie Laurencin, The Dancer, 1911-1919, oil on canvas 1934. Illustration for 'The Stratosphere' from Chimney Town, Illustrated by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite.(1888-1960).syd barrett cover

the madcap laughs 5 1977. David Bowie 1 1891. Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus by John William Waterhouse 1897. Flora and the Zephyrs (detail) by John Waterhouse

1821 Alexandre-Jean Dubois-Drahonet - Portrait of Amélie du Bois, wife of Lt.-Gen. Emile Joseph Frison, aide to King Leopold IILSD cats 1

Alice in Wonderland Mia1969. Jean Shrimpton in an ad for Yardley's, Super-Magical New Slicker, September

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander, Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, For Vogue October 2015 Miniature French House designed by SRKminiature 21880. The Love Letter by Rogelio de Egusquiza y Barrena (Spanish, 1845-1915)

Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey - 2007