1960s – A Decade of Colour

24 Aug

1960s different fashions

1960’s Fashion

1960s fashion 7

1960s fashion 9

1960s Jane Asher 2

1960s Jean Shrimpton 58

1960s jeans 1

1960s jimi hendrix

1960s marianne faithfull 17

1960s marianne faithfull 60

1960s mod fashion

1960s pattie boyd 17

1960s pattie boyd 27

1960s pattie boyd 46

1960s psychedelic fashions

1960s shoes and stockings

1960s sunglasses

1960s twiggy 15

1960s twiggy 17



1960s twiggy 41

1960s twiggy 40

1960s twiggy 54

1960s twiggy 55

Fashion model Twiggy is shown in London, England, 1967.  (AP Photo)

1960s women in vivid dresses

1960s yellow dress 2

1963. fashion

1965. look

1968. 'Birds Paradise' mobile boutique

1968. fashion

1968. Marisa Berenson and Sue Murray photographed by David Bailey for Paris Vogue

1968. Pattie Boyd and Colleen Corby

1969. pattie boyd and twiggy for vogue

1960s catherine and francoise 9

1960s Paris fashions

syd 92

1967. Burda moden

1967. Mia Farrow in a Pierre Cardin dress, May

1960s fashion 8

1960s girls 2

1960s marianne faithfull 3

1960s marianne faithful

1960s mini dresses 2


1967. fashions, november

1960s psychedelia dresses

4 Responses to “1960s – A Decade of Colour”

  1. rubyfoot 20th Sep 2014 at 11:53 am #



  2. Mrs. Smythe 26th Aug 2020 at 1:52 pm #

    I wish it was easier to find these kinds of clothes today!



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