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London Streetstyle: Edwardian vs Swinging Sixties

17 Jun

I’ve been quite fascinated with some London street style photographs from the Edwardian era and that made me think about the parallel between those fashion pics and the Swinging Sixties fashion which I love so much.

Fashion Icons: Twiggy

9 Sep

Twiggy is my tenth fashion icon in this series. I’ve already written posts about Jane Birkin, Sharon Tate, Britt Ekland, Uschi Obermaier, Anna Karina and Edie Sedgwick, Pattie Boyd, Kate Moss and Brigitte Bardot.

1970s twiggy 19

Twiggy! How could I not include her in my fashion icon series. She’s the symbol of the Swinging London and the sixties, and yeah, everyone knows her Mod skinny-legs phase but I want you to forget about that today. Forget the mini dress, colourful tights, blonde bob and big eyelashes, and enter the late 1960s Biba style that Twiggy rocked. Think of 1930s glamour mixed with bohemian flair of 1960s and 70s; wide brimmed hats, lots of jewellery, fur coats, feathers and dark lipsticks, neo-Victorian dresses and curly hair, tiny floral prints and cord trousers, long boots and 1920s sequin dresses, wine-coloured lips with lavender eyeshadow. I love this Biba look for Autumn and I find it very inspirational at the moment.

I hope you’ll enjoy the collages and a tad different approach on this very famous fashion icon. And for those of you who are more into Twiggy’s Mod style, there’s a few collages for you as well.

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 3 text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 4 text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 5 text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 6 text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 7 text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 8 a text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 9 text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 10 text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 1 text

Fashion Icons - Twiggy 2 text

Twiggy – The Face of 1966

9 Aug

1960s twiggy 13 1960s twiggy 240 1960s twiggy 209 1960s twiggy 15 1960s twiggy 11 1960s twiggy 10 1960s twiggy 9 1960s twiggy 16 1960s twiggy 35 1960s twiggy 36 1960s twiggy 40 1960s twiggy 44 1960s twiggy 46 1960s twiggy 76 1960s twiggy 72 1960s twiggy 82 1960s twiggy 83 1960s twiggy 85 1960s twiggy 86 1960s twiggy 97 1960s twiggy 99 1960s twiggy 106 1960s twiggy 111 1960s twiggy 110 1960s twiggy 112 1960s twiggy 118 1960s twiggy 147 1960s twiggy 156 1960s twiggy 167 1960s twiggy 208 1960s twiggy 214 1960s twiggy 216 1960s twiggy 215



1960s twiggy 236 1960s twiggy 255 1960s twiggy 261 1960s twiggy 269 1960s twiggy 271 1960s twiggy 275 1960s twiggy 283 1960s twiggy 286

1960s UK Twiggy-Rigs Magazine Advert

1960s UK Twiggy-Rigs Magazine Advert

1960s twiggy skinny 1960s twiggy makeup 2 1960s twiggy 244 1960s twiggy 273

1960s – A Decade of Colour

24 Aug

1960s different fashions

1960’s Fashion

1960s fashion 7

1960s fashion 9

1960s Jane Asher 2

1960s Jean Shrimpton 58

1960s jeans 1

1960s jimi hendrix

1960s marianne faithfull 17

1960s marianne faithfull 60

1960s mod fashion

1960s pattie boyd 17

1960s pattie boyd 27

1960s pattie boyd 46

1960s psychedelic fashions

1960s shoes and stockings

1960s sunglasses

1960s twiggy 15

1960s twiggy 17



1960s twiggy 41

1960s twiggy 40

1960s twiggy 54

1960s twiggy 55

Fashion model Twiggy is shown in London, England, 1967.  (AP Photo)

1960s women in vivid dresses

1960s yellow dress 2

1963. fashion

1965. look

1968. 'Birds Paradise' mobile boutique

1968. fashion

1968. Marisa Berenson and Sue Murray photographed by David Bailey for Paris Vogue

1968. Pattie Boyd and Colleen Corby

1969. pattie boyd and twiggy for vogue

1960s catherine and francoise 9

1960s Paris fashions

syd 92

1967. Burda moden

1967. Mia Farrow in a Pierre Cardin dress, May

1960s fashion 8

1960s girls 2

1960s marianne faithfull 3

1960s marianne faithful

1960s mini dresses 2


1967. fashions, november

1960s psychedelia dresses

My Inspirations for May

31 May

My darling buds of May or the things that inspired me the most in May were Modigliani, Soutine, Shelley’s essay A defence of poetry, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, book Jane Eyre, 1960s fashion, Manic Street Preachers; especially the songs from their upcoming album, Joy Division, Naked Lunch by Burroughs, Britt Ekland, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, The Repulsion and Catherine Deneuve.

Since the month of May is very dear to me, I can only say:

”Faded the flower and all its budded charms,
Faded the sight of beauty from my eyes,
Faded the shape of beauty from my arms,
Faded the voice, warmth, whiteness, paradise –
Vanished unseasonably at shut of eve…” (Keats)

1960s brigitte bardot 10

Actress Britt Ekland Wearing Coat by Jean Muir

1960s britta eklan 5

1960s britta eklan 7 1960s Jean Shrimpton 10 1960s Jean Shrimpton 4

1960s Jean Shrimpton 2

1960s Jean Shrimpton 11

1960s mod dress, coat and hat

1960s twiggy 32

brigitte bardot

the repulsion 1

the repulsion 2

richey 43

richey 49

1960s Swinging London Fashion

10 Jan

Lately I’ve been really interested in 1960s fashion, especially Swinging London fashion. In this post I’ll focus on London fashion and I’ll write about Parisian chic ”baby doll look” from the 60s some other time.

1960s swinging london fashion

London was the best place in the world in the 1960s. Youth culture flourished and post-war austerity finally gave place to a decade of optimism and exploration – of everything. Rock music was instrumental in youth culture and teenagers and young people were crazy about The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Who. Psychedelic rock also grew more popular every day with bands such as Pink Floyd and The Jimmy Hendrix Experience setting a psychedelic underground scene in London. Culture was at its peak and Art schools developed what we know as the 60s.

1960s girls

1960s ladies

Fashion icons in the 60s London were Twiggy, Mary Quant, Pattie Boyd, Jane Asher, Jean Shrimpton, members of The Beatles, Pete Townshend of The Who and Brian Jones. First half of the decade was characterized by Mod styles but around 1967. the Mod fashion started to blend heavily with hippie fashions. George Harrison and Pattie Boyd were typical Mod-turned-hippie couple.

1960s fashion 5

Mod fashion became extremely popular among females and Mary Quant encouraged not only this style, but also young people to play with fashion. Post-war generation were the first to have money to buy records, new clothes and makeup. That was ideal because there were dozens of new styles being invented every day, especially in Carnaby Street in London.

1960s pattie boyd 8 1960s pattie boyd 3

Various - 1966

Mary Quant invented mini-skirt and this is where all begins in the 1960s fashion. Dresses were becoming shorter and shorter every day until they were covering the legs only ten centimeters. Pop art brought geometric patterns and two-coloured (mostly black-white) dresses. Mini-dresses were often worn with long tight boots. Stripes, dots and other geometrical patterns were everywhere; they decorated the skirts, dresses, blouses… PVC raincoats and bobbed hair were IT for women. Twiggy was known as ”the queen of Mod” and she was ”the face of 1966”

1960s geometric dresses1960s Swinging London fashion - pvc raincoat

Twiggy wore the shortest dresses ever, but with no neckline. Combined with skin-coloured or white stockings and flats she looked gorgeous with long, skinny legs, bobbed blonde hair and blue eyes with extremely long (false) eyelashes. These kind of dresses were rather simple, high waisted, short-sleeved and in baby doll style. Another look that I find was quite popular was a mini skirt combined with a turtle-neck pullover.

1960s twiggy 13 1960s twiggy 10

1960s summer dresses

Psychedelic scene developed in London half way through the decade. Syd Barrett was, along with Pink Floyd and The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, instrumental in creating the style. Syd was very fashionable and often wore velvet trousers, bandana knotted like a tie around his neck, blouses with psychedelic prints, waistcoats and colourful shirts. Sunglasses in different shapes and colours were also popular.

syd 58

At around 1967. Mod fashion started to alter to a new, laid back hippie style. The following year was known as the summer of love, and many festivals helped to promote hippie style. As I already said, George Harrison and Pattie Boyd were fashion icons, mainly representing Mod fashion, but around this time they embraced the new flower power style. Pattie begun wearing paisley printed trousers, waistcoats, lots of jewellery, mini dresses with floral prints, wooden bracelets, wide sleeved blouses, crazy patterns and sandals.

george harrison and pattie boyd 61960s pattie boyd 21

I love the 1960s as a decade in everything! Swinging London fashion and culture is so interesting and I hope I inspired you in a fashion way and I hope I managed to capture the essence of wonderful, colourful and optimistic 1960s London.