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My Inspirations for July

31 Jul

I watched a lot of movies/TV-shows in July and I’ve discovered some new ones too; I’m in love with the sitcom Blakcadder, nothing better than British humor, Only Fools and Horses (which I basically watch once a year) and Merlin; I’ve never really noticed this show but it’s amazing and I’m on the season four now. I’ve also watched an old movie The Women (1939) starring Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell and Joan Fontaine (and I’m telling you, the clothes are amazing). Ans yes, I’ve finally watched the movie Barbara (2012) which James Dean Bradfield recommended on a concert; it stars Nina Hoss (vocals on Europa geht durch Mich by Manics) and it’s set in 1980. in the East Germany; the movie really captured the atmosphere and it’s interesting to see the other side because in movies like Christiane F: Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo you see the West Berlin. I’ve read a book named Tristessa by Kerouac and it’s very interesting and sad, though filled with vivid descriptions of Mexico City. Next: Satori in Paris. As far as art goes, no doubt that this was the month of Van Gogh; I’ve written three posts about him and I honestly sympathise with this man, I wish I could have met him; that amazing soul that left us with this peculiar paintings.

P.S. I’ve bought a book by the name Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd: The Dark Globe and I’m super excited (it really is the best literature regarding Syd Barrett)

merlin 1

merlin 2

merlin 3

1890. Bal au Moulin Rouge  - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

syd barrret

1888. Starry Night Over the Rhone - van gogh

1889. The Starry Night - van gogh

1890. Wheatfield with Crows is a July 1890 painting by Vincent van Gogh


barbara 2


the women 1

the women 3

the women 5


Manic Street Preachers – Futurology

22 Jul

Manics’ new album called Futurology was released this month. The songs I have heard by now sound promising, fresh and intriguing; Europa Geht Durch Mich, Walk me to the Bridge and Futurology.

Song ‘Europa Geht Durch Mich’ is, in my opinion, brilliant and it makes me proud of being a European. It can loosely be translated as Europe passes trough me which makes me think of all the beauty and glory of nature, history, art, culture and languages Europe has to offer. In modernistic way (since the title is Futurology) the meaning could be that Europe is united through European Union and in that way it passes through me, that is, every European; we’re connected on this little continent and we share the richness of history, art, music and literature. The song also features vocals of Nina Hoss, a German actress who starred in movie Barbara that was recommended by James Dean Bradfield himself on a concert.

Walk me to the bridge was the first song I’ve heard from their new album, on the 28. April; the day they released the video. I’m looking forward to their new album for I knew, once I’ve listened to this song, that it’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to hear more of their new songs such as Sex, Power, Love and Money; the title sounds intriguing. But, back to this song.

Though the lyrics such as: ‘We smile at this ugly world/ It never really suited you (…) So long my fatal friend…’ undoubtedly remind me of Richey, Nicky said, well I might as well quote him:

‘People might have the idea that this song contains a lot of Richey references but it really isn’t about that, it’s about the Oresund Bridge that joins Sweden and Denmark. A long time ago when we were crossing that bridge I was flagging and thinking about leaving the band (the “fatal friend”). It’s about the idea of bridges allowing you an out of body experience as you leave and arrive in different places.’

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the song’s lyrics worth a thousand meanings. Still, this verse ‘The roads never end, the motion starts/ Reality gives no romance’ reminded me of something Nicky once said in an interview: ‘We’re romantic realists, we’re always aware we’re not blinded by too much flowery aesthetics. Our romance is always based on where we come from anyway. A desire to escape boredom.’

However, verse ‘Still blinded by your intellect’ is still haunting me and it doesn’t leave my head for it so reminds me of Richey, as if the Manics are still blinded by his intellect. Since Nicky has explained the true meaning of the song I can only say that I’m still blinded by Manic Street Preachers’ intellect.