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Fashion Inspiration for Autumn

23 Sep

Autumn – The season that awakens the soul…

1856. autumn leaves - John Everett Millais1970s biba makeup1970s biba lady1974. Illustration by Kasia Charko for Biba, summer 1960s Biba Makeup 1969. The Warlock of Love by Marc Bolan

Pictures above: misspandora.fr

1970. Dress, Countdown 1970. Dress, Thea Porter 1970. Granny Takes a Trip, Man's suit in three parts (jacket, waistcoat and trousers), about 1970. Rayon velvet, satin weave; plastic. 1970s Biba Illustration by Kasia Charko 9 1970s fashion photo 2 1970s lavender flocking 1970s outfits - had a trouser suit like the one on the right. Used to wear it with a baggy silk shirt and man's tie.....very sexy, I thought, lol! 1970s pattie boyd flapper 1970s uschi obermaier 12

16th December 1969: Rainer Langhans and his girlfriend Uschi Obermaier in a Munich restaurant. Two of the founders of the Berlin Commune 1 which was eventually unsuccessful, they are in Munich to try and start a similar venture. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

16th December 1969: Rainer Langhans and his girlfriend Uschi Obermaier in a Munich restaurant. Two of the founders of the Berlin Commune 1 which was eventually unsuccessful, they are in Munich to try and start a similar venture. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

1971. Biba Girl...Ingrid Boulting 2 1972. Sears Women’s Fashion Jim Morrison Pamela Courson 3 1973. Groupie style, 'Star' magazine 1973. High school fashions for Seventeen magazine, August 1975. Boots by Jerry Edouard 1974. Ingrid Boulting by David Bailey 1970s Jerry Hall 1970s street fashion 1970s woman on the corner 1971. Teenage pupils from Holland Park school in London get the 1971 look with Afghan coats, wide sleeved tunic shirts, basket weave bags and jeans 1960s Maria Schneider 1 1966. Teen fashion 1960s Print 1 1967. Flower Power fashion, Photograph by Peter Knapp. Image scanned by Sweet Jane. 1970s street style. Love black knee high mod boots with a fuzzy jacket and cigarette pants. 1972. Twiggy, Photograph by Justin de Villenueve hippie room 13 1970s hot pants 1 1970s hippie friends 1970s London Streetstyle 2



1970s jeans look 1970. London Boutique Fashion, Jours de France, August 3 1969. pair of woman boots - granny takes a trip 1969. Jane Birkin in Ossie Clark (photographed by Patrick Lichfield) 1 1969. Jane Birkin in The Pleasure Pit 1969. Dresses by Polly Peck 2 1960s Purple Velvet dress by John Stephen of Carnaby Street 1960s Purple suede boots with side lacing 1960s psychedelic eye 1969. Girls on Music Festival in Hyde Park in LOndon helena bonham carter 67 Tribal Pheasant Feather,Leather Bracelet with Boho Glass Beads, OOAK design on Etsy Sasha Pivovarova hippie 4 1960s brigitte bardot 159 dark shadows carolyn's room 4 dark shadows chloe 7 dark shadows 4 1960s ‘no’ to the draft, which required all young men to go to Vietnam to fight if their birthdate was picked…. 1960s fashion illustrations 1960s Hippies at a festival 1968. The Who - Magic Bus The Who on Tour

My Inspirations for March II

31 Mar

I must say that I have discovered some new and interesting things in March. First of all, Claude Debussy; his music is so calming and magical, it has the same effect on me as Monet’s paintings do. I’ve started by listening Debussy’s ‘Afternoon of a Faun’, then listened to Reverie, Nocturne, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, Arabesque, Le Mer, and Sirenes; his melodies are simply enchanting, perfect for this springtime, along with Rimbaud’s poems, and Monet and Renoir’s paintings. I’ve also been listening to Oasis and The Stone Roses pretty much all the time, it’s irresistible! My other inspirations were Vincent van Gogh’s Letters, Britpop, Klimt, and films Shutter Island and Lolita (1962).

If you have never, you must listen to Rachmaninov’s ‘The Isle of the Dead’. It’s so melancholic and gloomy, typical for Rachmaninov’s work, and strangely morbid and intriguing at the same time, full of dark beauty.

I started reading Crime and Punishment five days ago, but I have about 150 pages left. Still, it is the most intriguing, the most touching book I’ve read in a while. The very thought of finishing the novel makes me insufferably sad.

the stone roses

the stone roses 13

the stone roses 2

Oasis Definitely Maybe

1996. Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit in bed

1990s Fashion 11900. Gustav Klimt - The Swamp

1895. Music I - Klimt

1883. Pierre Auguste Renoir - Umbrellas

the clash london calling

1871. Arthur Rimbaud

1892. Spirit of the Dead Watching - Paul Gauguin

Dolores 'Lolita' Haze, played by Sue Lyon in 1962

My Inspirations for January 2015

31 Jan

This year couldn’t have possibly started in a better way. The month of January has been a real collage of inspirations. I’ve been streched between two different worlds; dark, Victorian style and macabre world of Tim Burton (Corpse Bride and things like The Gashlycrumb Tinies, Lemony’s Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Classic and Gothic Lolita), and the world of fairies and forests (The Lord of the Rings, W. Blake’s art). Lothlorien forest is enchanting, isn’t it?

I’ve also read Mirbeau’s masterpiece Diary of a Chambermaid. My other inspirations were films such as Zoolander, Midnight in Paris, Yes Man Movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Iggy the Eskimo and Syd Barrett, first album by The 13th Floor Elevators, Scrapbook ‘A Memorial of a Friendship‘ by Anne Wagner, Bronte Sisters, Gothic Interiors…

Film Alice in Wonderland (1966) has also been a great inspiration for me.

Alice in Wonderland (1966) 9

Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing circa 1786 by William Blake 1757-1827

syd 113

the diary of a chambermaid book 1

yes man movie

midnight in paris

the 13th floor elevators album cover

corpse bride 10

corpse bride 1

the gashlycrumb tinies cover

Memorial of Friendship scrapbook by Anne Wagner, a note from her niece Elizabeth Venables, in Abergale, July 29, 1803

lemony snickets 1

1845. three dreamy ladies

1846. The Three Robinson Sisters, George Theodore Berthon

Lord of the RIngs - Crayon drawing by J.R.R. Tolkien of the mallorn trees of Lothlorien classic lolita 257

classic lolita 232

Lolita 'Esprit de la Belle Époque à Paris' 8