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Fashion caricatures

3 Feb

Sometimes fashion can be funny and this was the case many times in history. I decided to share some of my favourite caricatures of the 18th and mostly 19th century.


1829. Modern Oddities by P. Pry Esq., Plate 1st- The Sleeves Curiously Cut

1792. Compare and contrast 1556 v 1796

1556. and 1796. fashions ‘To much and to little’

1792. fashion caricature 1

1792. fashion caricature 2

1850. A Splendid Spread, satire on an early inflatable (air tube) version of the crinoline by George Cruikshank

1857. fashion caricature

1876. From the Danish Punch, satirizing the general fashion

1877. Cartoon 'Veto' by George du Maurier from Punch, satirizing the tight dress styles

1878. Cartoon by George du Maurier from Punch, May 25