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Ruby red evening dress, 1898.

23 Dec

1898. Evening dress, dark red, worth 1

1898. Evening dress, dark red, worth

1898. Evening dress, dark red, worth 2

This evening dress is perfectly suitable for this festive time of the year so I decided to share it with all of you!

I instantly imagined a rich aristocratic lady attending a Christmas dinner or ball wearing this amazing evening dress created in 1898. by Jean Philippe Worth, son of Charles Worth.

Though the cut is simple, the colour is rich as it could be. In fact, one of the characteristics of 1890s fashion are rich jewel tones. Skirt itself is fluid, elegant and neat but sleeves made sure that the whole appearance isn’t to neat and plain. I love the silver thread decorating the sleeves.

The roses on the bodice are a hint of the Edwardian era fashion. This dress came as a last scream of the 1890s fashion and only two years later fashion took another direction that favoured pastel colour and abundance of lace.

P.S. I’ll start writing about historic fashions once I get the audience 🙂