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1770s Hairstyles and Hats

5 Feb

18th century fashion is full of lovely excesses; lots of jewellery, huge dresses, feathers, silk, brocade, flowers, pearls and other decorations; basically everything you can possibly imagine incorporated into amazing dresses and hairstyles. Hairstyles of 1770s are something most amazing I’ve ever seen in the world of hairstyles, such daring and originality hasn’t ever been seen before. Another plus is that these hairstyles were favoured by Marie Antoinette. I can’t help myself imagining her wearing these bonnets and hairstyles .

1776. Hats, bonnets and coiffures 1

Row 1: Chapeau en berceau d’Amour orné de fleurs, et d’une barriere liséreé de tigre, Coëffure en Herisson surmonteé de plumes et de fleurs et ceinte d’une barriere de perles avec un gland

Row 2: Bonnet demi négligé avec deux barbes attachées par derriere, Pouf asiatique avec un fichu à trois pointes

I love the hairstyle in row one on the right the most! Lovely pink tassels and feathers, string of pearls, little yellow and pink rose with leaves; so elegant and cute. And the lady even has a bouquet of pink roses on her bosom. I also like the hat on the left; so enormous and over decorated and the dress and necklace seem interesting too.

1776. Hats, bonnets and coiffures 2

Row 1: Nouvelle Coëffure dite la Frégate la Junon, Hérisson d’un nouveau gout orné de plumes fleurs et rubans avec des glands

Row 2: Chignon en Croix de Chevalier surmonté d’un Bonnet au fichu bordé de perles, Chignon noué en trois parts, surmonté d’un Bonnet au fichu

From this fashion plate I would have to choose the hairstyle from row one on the right. I mean, just look at those wide ribbons decorated with tassels and diamond decorations, huge feathers, big roses… Everything is so enormous but amazing.

1776. Bonnets and coiffures

Row 1: Coeffure a l’Irlandoise avec des fleurs, Bonnet aux Berceaux d’amour

Row 2: Coeffure en fleurs mélées dans les cheveux, Bonnet au fichu attaché par devant

These four hairstyles are quite romantic and sweet; perfect for spring. I can’t even choose the favourite one. Hairstyles in row one feature pink ribbons, lace trimming, pink roses with little leaves and daisies. Hairstyle in row 2 on the left is very ‘simple’; wreath of flowers, roses and little green leaves are its main decoration.

1778. coiffures for women and young men

Row 1: Bonnet d’un gout nouveau et élégant avec des perles, Nouveau Bonnet a la Draperie avec deux rangs de grosses perles

Row 2: Petit Maître avec un Chapeau a la Suisse et un gillet à la Turque, Chignon à deux tresses accompagné de 4 boucles de côté à la Chanceliere

I simply could resist hairstyles in row one. They’re enormous, almost triangle shaped. You can see that colourful flowers, white kerchief and pearls were all the rage. Pearls and roses are bigger than ever before. Hairstyle on the left is even more elaborate; the top is entirely covered with decorations.

1776. french hairstyles 1

Row 1: Chapeau Anglais, le Pouf à la puce

Row 2: Bonnet au Chapeau galant, Bonnet anglo-américain

These hairstyles, on the other hand, are rather playful and funny. Second hairstyle shows slight Turkish influence and I think it’s my favourite out of them all.  The third hairstyle is almost absurd; there’s a hat placed on a hairstyle, crazy but fully embodies the eighteenth century spirit. The last hairstyle is so enormous I almost can’t believe somebody wore that.

1778. a la rein french hairstyles

Row 1: Nouvelle Coeffure en plumes, Coeffure de la Reine

Row 2: Bonnet au fichu, Bonnet aux Aigrettes

First two hairstyle are really a 1770s classic and that’s why they are my favourite; these hairstyles can be seen on many French royal portraits of the time; Marie Antoinette’s coronation portrait and Marie Therese de Savoie’s portrait in 1775. These hairstyles are elegant and not too much daring or too big so even the least fashionable women could be wearing them.

1778. bonnets 1

Row 1: Baigneuse, Bonnet dun nouveau gout

Row 2: Chapeau d’un nouveau gout, Bonnet au mystere ou Chien Couchant

1776. Row 1-Bonnet à la Victoire, la Candeur

Row 1: Bonnet à la Victoire, la Candeur

Row 2: Bonnet au Levant, le Parterre galant

1778. Coiffure de l’indépendance ou Le triomphe de la liberté Marie Antoinette

The last hairstyle is obviously the most opulent and most luxurious out of all. I don’t even believe somebody could actually wear this, I suppose, very heavy hairstyle. But all in the name of fashion, I suppose. But what a great idea, when you think about it? It seems like the politics can have influence on fashion.