My Inspiration for December 2021

31 Dec

This December I discovered, and rediscovered the beauty of some paintings, such as Kandinsky’s “The Riding Couple”, Zinaida Serebriakova’s paintings of ballerinas, Degas and Odilon Redon’s delightful pastels, Raphael Kirchner’s Japanese inspired prints of pretty ladies and flowers, and this painting of sunflowers, birds and the red setting sun bellow called “Sunflowers” by Walter Williams from 1975-76. I love the warm, dusky colours and the motifs, it just speaks to my soul. I’ve also really enjoyed the song “Mad World”, both the original by Tears for Fears and the cover by Gary Jules, especially the sad lyrics:

“All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for the daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head, I wanna drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow
And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had…”

Picture found here.

Instagram: everlinet..

Picture found here.

untitled by AnyDirectFlight on Flickr.

Picture found here.

Picture: everlinet Instagram.

Picture: everlinet Instagram.

Unicorn, by Nissan Engel.

Picture found here.

Picture by everlinet on Instagram.

Edinburgh by Daniel Farò

Picture found here.

6 Responses to “My Inspiration for December 2021”

  1. Upside-down Land 3rd Jan 2022 at 12:43 pm #

    So many lovely images. Thank you.

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  2. Arielle Greenberg 4th Jan 2022 at 9:52 pm #

    I always love your round-ups of images! This one was terrific. Who did all the fairytale illustrations here? They look very familiar to me but I can’t quite place them.

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    • Byron's Muse 6th Jan 2022 at 9:30 am #

      Aww thank you! I love putting these pretty pics together to convey a mood, or an aesthetic. Two fairy tale illustrations here are by the wonderful and imaginative Edmund Dulac.


  3. Lautreamont 6th Jan 2022 at 6:02 pm #

    Always liked that shot of Syd-good coat ,good trousers,good hair,his best look I reckon. Up in old Duggie’s place too. Not such a great fan of his music,but I reckon his style at that period. Like the R. Dadd too.

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  4. Burne-Jones fan 8th Jan 2022 at 6:55 pm #

    Some wonderful photos and artwork. I took the hint about the Pandora photography site and was delighted to find that it features a photo set inspired by “I close the door upon myself” – both the poem by Christina Rossetti and the painting by Fernand Khnopff!

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