My Inspiration for August 2021

31 Aug

The best book I read this August was Takanobu Ishikawa’s “Romaji Diary” and I have already written a book review about it here. There were passages and thoughts that I found extremely relatable and other parts of the book felt more like dipping my finger into the sea of reverie… My other inspirations are, as you can see from the pictures, many lovely late 1960s and early 1970s fashion pictures, portrayals of circus and the sea in art, the Stone Roses, red colour, I really crave red these days, in art and other places, Pre-Raphaelite art as the gateway to the season that awakens the soul; autumn…

And I feel so lonely and vulnerable and strange…”

(Anne Sexton, from A Self-Portrait In Letters)

“My poor friend could not understand the deep yearning and pain in life. Feeling unbearably lonely, I returned to my room. Ultimately it’s impossible for a man to make another man understand him fully. In the final analysis, camaraderie between one man and another is merely superficial. Realizing that the friend who I had thought understood me as thoroughly as I had him was unable, ultimately, to understand the anguish and pain at the bottom of my heart made me feel unbearably dreary. We are each separate, each alone! This thought left me indescribably sad.”
(Takuboku Ishikawa, Romaji Diary)

John French – Jean Shrimpton for Mary Quant (London 1964)

Picture found here.


Mike Berkofsky – Jane Birkin Wearing a Dress by Laura Ashley (19 Magazine 1970)

Picture by Olha Sheludiakova, found here.

Picture found here.

Picture by Marina Marić, found here.

Alexis Waldeck – Donna Mitchell (Status & Diplomat 1967)

Picture found here.

Barry Lategan – Maudie James and Louise Despointes (Vogue UK 1971)

Picture found here.

Ford Abbey and Gardens (by Annie Spratt)

Picture found here.

Found in the Internet Archive by AnitaNH

Dresses from Foale and Tuffin (Woman’s Journal 1971)

Dresses by Colin Glascoe (Woman’s Journal 1971)

By Laura Makabresku.

Picture found here.

Stuart Brown – Models Wearing Pourelle Ensembles (19 Magazine 1969)

2 Responses to “My Inspiration for August 2021”

  1. Upside-down Land 31st Aug 2021 at 8:07 pm #

    Thanks for that. I’ve been doing some retro tv lately: You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx, 1954, and I’ve Got a Secret, with the lovely Bess Myerson and others, 1961.


    • Byron's Muse 1st Sep 2021 at 12:14 pm #

      These days especially I like to watch older films and shows because they remind me of more “normal” times, no one wearing masks and being on their iphone all the time, people actually living life.


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