My Inspiration for August 2018

31 Aug

I was in such a Gothic mood this August, most likely because of Mary Shelley’s brilliant novella “Mathilda”. Castles, maidens, long white gowns in Regency style, twilight pink and moody, moonlight’s eerie glow on tall fir trees, pink heather that grows on the moor, beauty of solitude… I read a few interesting books this month, two of which I really recommend: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Howards End by E.M.Forster.

Thoughts of kisses and distant imaginary castles fill my sweetest reveries. These days I am in a contemplative melancholy mood, I seek for the things which were once dear to my heart, and hold my breath for a moment to hear the autumn’s quiet footsteps as she arrives dancing through the leaves… I hold high hopes for Autumn; let it be as sweet as honey.

“My cheek is flushed with pleasure at the imagination of death. (Mary Shelley, Mathilda)

Roses, picture found here.

picture found here.

photo by laura makabreksu

photo found here.

photo by laura makabesku

fallen flowers, found here.

photo by laura makabresku

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