My Inspiration for January 2018

31 Jan

If I cannot hold flowers in my hand, gaze at them rapturously in my vase, inhale their dazzling perfume carried by a soft breeze in dusky pink twilight, then I can at least fill my imagination with many and many pictures of them! This beautiful mellow January I was inspired by astrology, melancholy maidens and pine trees, tulips, birch trees, and lilac dresses, fawns and secret gardens, interviews by Camille Paglia (I love that woman!), Edvard Munch’s paintings with themes of love and alienation, The Wild Geese by Ogai Mori, Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery, The La’s. I watched a new film “England is Mine” (2017) about Morrissey’s youth. I loved it but I think it’s a film that only the die-hard fans will understand because it portrays Morrissey’s introverted youth, his early scribblings and hardships, and it doesn’t really say much about The Smiths as one would expect. There is a song I can’t get out of my mind: Sorry to Embarrass you by Razorcuts! I’ve read Arthur Schopenhauer’s essay Metaphysics of Love, and I am almost finished with Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving; I agree more with Fromm’s views of love. And the painting you see bellow, Melancholy in Pink by Pavel Petrovich Troubetzkoy is my favourite painting at the moment!

“Which is better cheap happiness or sublime suffering?” (Dostoyevsky, Notes from the Underground)

Photo of the birches found here.

Photo by By Thorsten Mathis.

Photo found here.Photo by Natalia Drepina

“La Llorona” by Daniel Vazquez

Photo by Eugene Telkanov.

Photo found here.

Helmsley Walled Garden, North Yorkshire, England, by Jane Sebire

Laura Makabresku

Cerney House Gardens, Gloucestershire, England

Photo by Natalia Drepina

Acadia National Park, Maine, found here.

Photo found here.

Tulip valley by Erik Sanders

Photo found here.

Photo found here.

5 Responses to “My Inspiration for January 2018”

  1. Ben Montgomery 1st Feb 2018 at 4:32 am #

    beautiful images


    • Byron's Muse 1st Feb 2018 at 1:57 pm #

      Thank you, Ben!


      • Lautreamont 3rd Feb 2018 at 5:58 pm #

        Ha ! I was just thinking about a couple of your faves for the month. If Camille Paglia and Schopenhauer met I think it would end in a fist fight! Some of his writing is pretty good but I can’t see ms Paglia being too keen on his views about women! After your stuff about the Smiths I checked em a bit. I like some of lyrics but I’m not too keen on Marr’s guitar playing. I was chatting to some of my muso buddies today asking them about the Smiths and was told that Morrisey’s fave song is Jet Boy by the New York Dolls. Way back Johnny Thunders their guitarist used to crash at my place in Kensington.We spent many happy hours jamming together along with a few other miscreants. Strangely I just remembered that I have old tape of some of it somewhere. Ha, that makes me real cool! This month I’ve been re reading some of my all time faves Ovid, Aeschylus ,Petrarch,Holderlin and Waugh. Love reading your posts. Best.


        • Byron's Muse 3rd Feb 2018 at 8:23 pm #

          Hi, and nice to hear from you! Well, I don’t really agree with all that Schopenhauer said in the essay but I still enjoyed hearing his thoughts. It’s funny you mentioned Johnny Thunders because just these days I was listening to his song ‘Born to lose’, too catchy ha ha. Almost makes one feel great about being a misfit and a loser and not going anywhere in life…


          • Lautreamont 4th Feb 2018 at 12:25 am #

            Yeah,it’s a good song. I’m remembering some of the stuff that went on in my place. Some of it was really strange.There was a French drummer who played with Thunders in Paris and for some reason he had taken against Sid Viscous from the pistols who also used to come round . This guy kept saying that he was going to kill Sid! We never really found out why! Anyway enough stories for now cept maybe one more. JT had started listening to My Incred string band records and he decided he wanted to do a cover of their My Name is Death song ,cept we were doing it through Marshall amps and he was trying to sing it with his whiny voice .We were in hysterics and to give him his due so was he! Shame it wasn’t filmed! That’s it for now ha. Now back to Racine! Always a pleasure. Best.


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