My Inspiration for December 2017

31 Dec

Between restlessness and rapture, I found quite a few artistic gems this month: Franz Kafka’s “Letters to Milena” and Tindersticks’s album “Curtains” (1997): melancholic violins and the singer’s baritone are so inspiring for daydreams and it awakens the sweet melancholy and longing that’s perfect for writing, Rococo’s delicious nudes and David Hamilton’s dreamy portraits, “The Look of Love” (2013) with Steve Coogan is a biopic of Paul Raymond who opened UK’s first strip club and published porn magazines “Men Only” and “Mayfair”. I loved it! It’s funny, slightly provocative, has a great soundtrack, has Steve Coogan in it, and groovy 1970s fashion, do you need more? At the moment I also love listening to Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Supremes and Curtis Mayfield’s album “Superfly”; that’s music for the soul! And a bit of Syd Barrett, always! The main source of joy these days was reading L.M. Montgomery’s “Anne of Avonlea”: one cannot be miserable while one is reading about Anne’s cheerful adventures and idyllic life on Prince Edward Island.

What I want in the next year, for myself and everyone who reads this: more flowers, more poetry, more writing, painting and daydreaming! Have a happy 2018!

photo found here.

photo found here.

photo found here.

photo by Laura Makabresku, Melancholy (2017)

photo by Nishe

photo found here.

photo found here.

photo by Natalia Drepina, The mask of faceless cold


2 Responses to “My Inspiration for December 2017”

  1. marinaelphick 2nd Jan 2018 at 1:40 pm #

    Looking forward to more beautifully evocative posts from you in 2018, happy New Year !

    Liked by 1 person

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