Inspiration: Syd Barrett, Ballerinas, Games, Dreams and the 1960s

23 Dec

So, this is what inspires me at the moment: Syd Barrett, 1960s Yardley makeup ads, harlequins, pierrot, clowns, ballerinas, striped floors, circus, pictures of Jean Shrimpton, Degas, psychedelia… Enjoy the pictures!


1877. Degas - The Green Dancerssyd 19

1967-the-john-schroeder-orchestra-the-dolly-catcher-1967-piccadilly-uk1905. Edgar Degas (1834-1917, France) - Two Dancers, Pastel1960s-ads-for-yardley-cosmetics-featuring-jean-shrimptonsyd-and-pink-floyd-71873-jean-beraud-ballerina1880. Edgar Degas, detail from Ballet Dancers in Butterfly Costumes1897. Dancer and Tambourine - Edgar DegasSource:

1896-dancer-putting-on-her-slipper-degassyd-and-pink-floyd-61961-brigitte-bardot-in-a-very-private-affair-1961-pigtails1927-pierrot-par-victor-ivanovich-ufimtsev1960s london looksyd-771912-ballet-russes-by-august-macke

syd-781960s-makeup-green-eyes1877-78. Two Dancers Entering the Stage - Edgar Degas1960s-pattie-boyd-421961-max-factor-cosmetics-19611873. The Dance Class by Edgar Degas1960s girls

6 Responses to “Inspiration: Syd Barrett, Ballerinas, Games, Dreams and the 1960s”

  1. lautreamont 23rd Dec 2016 at 3:38 pm #

    Just got in and read this! As usual I got flashbacks from your posts! Jean Shrimpton used to eat in a cafe called Asterix on the Kings Rd .They used to sell Gallettes(don’t know how to spell Galettes) The cheese and tomato ones were fantastic,and then for pudding an ice cream and fruit salad one! We used to stagger up Beaufort St from Cheyne in altered states and go in there nearly every night.The cook was a massive fat woman as I remember.Jean Shrimpton was often in there.She was fantastic looking-much better looking in the flesh than in her photos.I would have fallen in love with her,,but I already had a terrible unrevealed teen crush from afar on another beauty who lived next door in Cheyne. And guess what -she drowned herself in the Thames in Cheyne.She went to the grave not knowing she was adored.Anyway,enough of this.One day I’m gonna spill the beans and shatter your illusions,,not about Syd ,but about some of the people who are considered to be the main sources of info about him.In the meantime if you could inform me of the correct spelling of Gallette that would be perfect.Into you like a train.A

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    • Byron's Muse 26th Dec 2016 at 2:00 pm #

      You always have so many interesting things to say! I can only imagine how beautiful Jean Shrimpton was in the real life, even in the pictures she’s such a stunner! Your life seems like a novel. Oh, and that Ophelia of yours, you could have just told her you loved her. Well, I’m interested in what you’ll have to say about some of the people who are considered to be the main sources of information about Syd – I’ll be waiting for the day you spill the beans.
      I too don’t know the proper spelling of the word gallette. Ha ha. Sorry I replied to you a bit late, I was ill. Anyways, happy holidays.


      • lautreamont 28th Dec 2016 at 5:49 pm #

        Damn you’re right! I should have just blurted it out,but she was much older than me and seemed like an ice maiden. She used to fix me just a little too long with her eyes, so who knows.” She was a genuine Blooms Berry, and I was a genuine Psychedelly”. And I think you know Bloomsbury women have a habit of chucking themselves into rivers. Her sister moved in next door then, and the story began again,but that’s for another day. As for Syd-if I start coughing up insider info on public forums I’ll be the most hated man in West London,but as I know he’s your boy,I can tell you he comes out very well. Hope you’re better Always enjoy your stuff.Best A.


  2. Art lover in detroit 24th Dec 2016 at 4:31 pm #

    I love ur posts, I really look forward to them like a little art vacation 😉 keep up the nice product



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