Story Aesthetics

22 Apr

I started writing a new story. Short story, but still haven’t finished it, probably never will, that’s how it goes with me. The initial idea came to my mind in October, but a few nights ago, lying in my bed, and ‘thinking about life and thinking about death, and neither one particularly appealed to me’ (The Smiths), the story idea occurred to me again so I felt compelled to write it down the following day. It’s awfully charming and tiresome at the same time when you intend to sleep but your mind is full of ideas. Then I’m usually too tired, or too lazy, as you wish, to get up and write my story so I just take a few notes so I don’t forget it. I’m sure those of you who write stories would agree with me. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing other people’s ‘story aesthetics’, so if you do that sort of thing, be sure to let me know. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

a shelley 7a shelley 1a shelley 51819. Portrait of Shelley by Alfred Clinta shelley 10 a shelley 11 a shelley 12

a shelley 13SOURCEa shelley 6 a shelley 14 a shelley 8 a shelley 91780s George Romney - Portrait of Miss Kitty Calcraft

1856. The Death of Chatterton, 1856, by Henry Wallis

1785-86. Thomas Gainsborough - Mrs. Richard Brinsley SheridanSource

1960s marianne faithfull 171 1960s marianne faithfull 149 1960s marianne faithfull 1471776-78. Lady Elizabeth Hamilton (1753–1797), Countess of Derby by George Romneyjane eyre 45 jane eyre 43 jane eyre 42 dark shadows room a

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  1. Gea Austen 23rd Apr 2016 at 2:06 pm #

    Lovely , as always.. all beautiful 😉

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