My Story – Aesthetics

26 Apr

I am quite absorbed in my story right now. I started writing it last spring, then I stopped, and I found it rather difficult to start writing it again. I forgot some of the character so I had to read my tale again, and I decided to put all the pictures related to the story here, in one post, aiming to get my inspiration back. Luckily, after seeing all these paintings, dresses, fashion plates and photos all in once place, I recaptured the spirit of my story and successfully continued writing it. In fact, writing the story gives me more amusement than living my own life.

I often lie in bed at night and can not sleep because the story occupies my mind; I see my characters dancing and writing letters, I hear them talking, I see what they’re wearing, I hear them playing Chopin; those pictures are so vivid in my mind that most of the times I just write what I see.

1857. The Sister’s Grave by Thomas BrooksNew church seen through ruins jane eyre 66 northanger abbey 1 1843. house dress 1840s grey silk satin gown 2 1840s Dresses, Striped and Bonnets 1840. wedding dress, ivory colour 1840s Charlotte Augusta Whale (1819–1858), Wife of George Richmond Collis by Louis Henri Sebbers 1829-30. Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows - John Constable 1850s Young woman with parasol 1841. February fashion 1841. walking dress 1840s Fashion plate showing hair styles and accessories of the 1840s 1840s Le Bon Ton, Fashions & hairstyles 4 1843. Evening Dresses, Le Follet, December 1844. Evening Dresses, Le Follet, September 1845. Fashion, Le Follet 7 1845. Evening Dresses, Magasin des Demoiselles, November, The ladies are wearing gowns with a neckline en coeur 1828. Ernst Ferdinand Oehme (1797–1855), Procession in the Fog 1840s Lingerie Set, Petticoat and Chemise Corset 1600. View of Toledo by El Greco Lismore castle in ireland as Northanger Abbey a 1816. Grecian vs Gothic - Neoclassical vs Romantic Style Contrast 1845. evening ensemble 1845. Dress and mantle, England 1847. evening dresses, Le Follet, february 1844. march wedding dress and day dress 1844. nice shawl, Le Moniteur de la Mode 1844. April Le Follet.

4 Responses to “My Story – Aesthetics”

  1. Elliot 27th Apr 2015 at 12:40 pm #

    I like the images, it’s funny because I have done the same thing for a story idea I have, putting together images that represent the aesthetic of the tale. I also understand when you say that you get strong images and just write down what you see – I often do the same, in fact I often get a completely new story idea from random images that just come to me. I would love to know more about your story too.


    • Byron's Muse 28th Apr 2015 at 5:58 pm #

      I’m glad that you liked the images. Putting them together is a great way for gaining inspiration, is it not? I’ll certainly use this method again. Only those who write know what a great pleasure it is! It’s interesting to know that you write stories too, then you know what I mean, though our stories are probably very different.

      As for my story, since it is written merely for amusement, I do not strive for originality. I always remember what Richey Edwards said: ‘If you set yourself up to do something original, you’re gonna fail.’ Unless you love novels by Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters I doubt that my story would interest you because their works and style have been my greatest inspiration. I write about lives I’d want to live, only set in the past.

      My story is set in 1842, and for now it’s 22,420 words long, but I’m only halfway through. I’m obsessed with the idea of zeitgeist and one of the things I love the most about writing these kind of tales is capturing the atmosphere of an era, and exploring the gorgeous fashion. I have not yet written a story that was not inspired by a painting.They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

      What inspires your stories? What authors do you like, dare I ask?


      • Elliot 29th Apr 2015 at 10:21 am #

        As it happens I love Jane Austen’s works, I have read all but Emma, though I have seen the film. I do love Elizabeth Bennet but my favourite is Sense and Sensibility. I have yet to read any Bronte. Most books I read are fantasy or sci-fi though, mostly 20th century stuff like John Wyndham, HG Wells, Dahl and CS Lewis. I also have a passion for Agatha Christie novels and love reading children’s classics – as well as pop classics like Dracula, Lewis Carrol and Conan Doyle. As for inspiration I find all of the above authors lend my brain themes and atmosphere, though the odd painting or even film has given me ideas before. I do love history so period stuff really interests me – especially Victorian and ancient history such as the iron age.


  2. Byron's Muse 30th Apr 2015 at 7:07 pm #

    I am impressed by your reading list, and, apart from Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle, I’d have to agree. I would just add Kerouac, Kundera, and all of Romanticism. Though I am surprised that you haven’t read any Bronte, what are you waiting for? But then, I am ‘jealous’ at the same time for you are yet to have that pleasure.


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