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My Inspirations for September

29 Sep

This month my biggest inspiration was Romanticism. I’ve read The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe, A Hero of our Time by Lermontov and The Robbers by Schiller. I can honestly say that my mind is full of melancholic poems, Chopin’s Nocturnes, nature and above all Romantic heroes and heroines; from Pechorin, Werther, Karl Moor to Tatyana, Meri, Lotta and Amalia.

However, my attention was still preoccupied by Pre-Raphaelites and 1960s hippie fashion this time my focus was on Marianne Faithfull, Jean Shrimpton and The Stones.

1840s grand duchesses olga nicolaeievna et alexandra nicolaievna

1840s Duchess Alexandra Nikolaevna by Christina Robertson

1830s Natalia Pushkina

1830s russian lady

1831. Portrait of Zinaida Volkonskaya by Amelie Munier-Romilly

1838. grand duchesses olga nicolaievna et maria nicolaievna 1


1790s Lotte at Werther's grave

1838. Wedding Gown, England, Jacquard silk, blonde lace & novelty gauze

1840. Duchess Zinaida Yussupova, by Christina Robertson

1856. The Death of Chatterton by Henry Wallis

1856. autumn leaves - John Everett Millais

Sasha Pivovarova hippie 4

1920s the brinkley girls

1960s Chrissie Shrimpton, Twiggy, Jenny Boyd, Samantha Juste

Irving Penn

1925. La Vie Parisienne, May

1960s jean shrimpton 77

1960s jean shrimpton 78

1960s jean shrimpton 89

1960s marianne faithfull 19

1960s marianne faithfull 68

1960s marianne faithfull 10

1960s Brian & Keith

Music Personalities. pic: circa 1967. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones group with one time girl friend, Swedish actress Anita Pallenberg.

1960s brian jones and anita pallenberg 2