Autumn Colours

23 Sep

1900. Dress by Worth worn by Queen Alexandrine of Denmark

1900. Evening Dress, House of Worth1900-05. Evening Dress, Gustave Beer

1903. peach ballgown 1

1909. green evening dress

1910. A Maison Worth Cobalt Blue Silk Velvet and Gold Lace Gown, cobalt blue underdress with a peach velvet inset to the V-neckline, gold lace and net overlay, with a velvet cummerbund and silk flower embellishment at the bust

1910. black dress with golden leaves embroidery

1910. evening dress, house of worth

49.46.13_front 0002

1911. Evening dress by Jeanne Hallee, peacock -simbol besmrtnosti,bogatstva i egzotičnosti

1911. Silk And Metallic Lace Belle Epoch Gown, winter, New York

1912, edwardian dress, detaisl

1912. Evening dress by House of Worth

1912. tunic dress

1913. Evening dress and matching shoes by Jeanne Hallée 2

1913. Evening dress of Queen Maud of Norway

4x5 original

1916. Cape, Evening Hickson1918. Negligée, detail, Silk

1915. Gold Lace Evening dress 3

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