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About the photo: Toggery Five in 1965.

26 Apr

1960s ladies

This photo was taken in 1965. in London’s Hyde Park. These five guys are actually members of the short lived Mancunian band The Toggery Five (1963-1966) and these lovely ladies are famous models, actresses and singers of the day. From left to right: Imogen Graham (actress who played a role of a manicurist in The Repulsion (1965), Ingrid Hepner (model), Chrissie Shrimpton (model, sister of Jean Shrimpton and a girlfriend of Mick Jagger at the time), Linda Churcher and Sarah Leyton (sister of the ’60s pop star John Leyton).

Maybe you’re wondering why this picture was taken? Well, I’ll tell you that as well.

Around that time, Toggery Five got bad publicity from the ‘Girlie Mags’ and were criticized for being sexists. That’s why they set up a photo shoot in Hyde Park with some famous ladies of the day. Isn’t it wonderful to see fashion of the day!

I got this information at first hand, thanks to Frank Renshaw who was a member of The Toggery Five (lead guitar/vocals). These are his websites: